Child ayurveda or KAUMARABRITYA PEDIATRICS – is the branch of medicine which deals maintenance of health and treatment of different types of ailments from birth to adolescents in Ayurveda.

Child Ayurveda provides us with a complete understanding of what is life-sustaining and what is not, not just for the physical body, but also our mind , thus it is also a holistic science. This includes descriptions of the kind of diet, lifestyle and behavi

Child Healthcare Through AyurvedaA new born baby doesn’t have immunity to live in this earth. Upto 1–2 yrs. breastmilk will give him or her sufficient immune power. Feeding this food should be avoided. Instead of that mother should adopt methods to increase breastmilk. Lot of medicines are there in Ayurveda to increase breastmilk. Taking more milk, sprouted dry pulses, Jeevanthiadi kashayam, Galactoplus powder etc are some of them to get more breastmilk.