Planing a Baby ?

According to Ayurveda the child care starts from the time of conception. But before conception it is very important to take measures for healthy sperm and ova. The quality of sperm & ova, the uterus and time of conception are very important things as per ayurveda.

Parents who are planning a baby can go for this programme.

Prenatal – Before pregnancy
Antenatal – During pregnancy
Postnatal – After delivery

As having a baby is a life changing situation for couples they need proper guidance. Pure Touch Child Ayurveda Spa offers guidance & spa treatments for couples.

1)PRENATAL CARE Before pregnancy

It starts 3 months before the conception. So when you are planning a baby you should go for prenatal care 3 months prior.
In this we offer a counseling, diet guidance, yoga some breathing exercises, meditation & spa therapies to make the man & woman healthy physically, mentally & spiritually. We guide them for the right time to conceive. Some Ayurvedic medicines & spa therapies are prescribed to have a desired child.


The process of child care & Sanskaar starts from the time of conception. It has been proved that the foetus  can hear, talk, express and react. So  there is ‘Garbhasanskaar’

Our Antenatal care programme  offers  the diet, some spa therapies like music, art, mild massages and Relaxation techniques. These have been proved very safe & useful. ‘During pregnancy the mother’s physical, mental & emotional condition should be stable. We also offer yoga & breathing techniques in antennal care programme

Ayurveda has also advised special decoctions in every month of pregnancy to be taken by woman. There are   prayers and mantras recited during pregnancy. Some problems during pregnancy eg. Stretch marks, nausea, vomiting etc. can be taken care of with very safe & natural herbs & Ayurvedic medicines. “ We care for future”

3)POSTNATAL CARE After delivery

Traditionally all over the world postnatal care is given to mother & child atleast for 1 ½ to 2 months. It is very important and delicate period where the mother and child needs moral support, healthy environment and stress free atmosphere. Also proper diet and assurance.

Ayurveda have given guidelines for mother and child care in postnatal period. Eg. feeding baby, massage, sanskaar or ceremonies, applying oil to ears, Childs and mother’s rest, protecting the child from negativity and infections, clothing of child, herbs which are to be worn and sanskaaras to be done in particular age. It is necessary to protect the child for one year of his age as the immunity is very low.

Child ayurveda offers some traditional treatments in postnatal care. Eg. giving suvarnashuddhajala (ie, water treated with gold) to child to develop his memory and intellectual. During first 2 years of age the brain developes rapidly. So we have to utilize this period for proper child care.