Nature Cure

Many disease are self limiting, therefore it allows the nature to cure it. And our body has the capacity to heal itself. According to nature cure disease occur due to (a) lowered vitality (b) abnormal composition of blood and lymph and (c) accumulation of toxins in body. Accumulation of toxins in human body may cause abnormal composition in blood and lymph which finally results in lowered vitality which is the root cause of disease. So our main aim is to remove the toxins which enter our body through different source.

Nature cure helps the body to eliminate the toxins out from the body with the helps of natural elements like mud, water, sun and air. It is safe, gentle, effective and most economic way to heal. For this we have to obey the laws of nature.

Water – water is one of the most important tool in nature cure to heal. Drink at least 1.5liters to 2 liters of water daily which helps to wash out the toxins from our external as well as internal body through sweating, perspiration, urine and feces. Bath, wash and play in water. In spa’s water treatments like whirlpool bath, Jacuzzis, sitz bath and even swimming pools are used.

Air –
another important element for a healthy body is fresh air. This helps to maintain a good health and helps our body to get rid of any disease by improving the body’s immunity power. Walking in fresh air ie, air bath are one of the main therapy in nature cure. Yogic breathing exercise helps one to breath correctly to utilize the lungs capacity. With the practice of yogic breathing one doesn’t feel air hunger even at high altitudes. It improves health of each and every cells. It also helps the child to perform well in physical, mental activities and improves concentration.

Mud -
earth is one of the element which have a high therapeutic effect on human body. We use mud therapies like mud pack and mud bath to cure some of the disease. Mud has the property to absorb the toxins from the body and also gives a cooling effect to the body. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals which are essential for a human body.

Fire –
without fire no ‘yadnja’ is possible. Fire is present in our body in the form of digestive enzymes which helps in the digestion of food. Physically it gives us warmth and energy.

Sun – sun bath is one of the most important therapy using from the olden days. Sun bath in early morning is essential as it is the good source of vitamin D. vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium which is essential for bone growth. Vitamin D is also good for skin diseases. Observing sun rise and sun set helps us to develop a bond between us and nature. It also helps to create a inner awareness.

Bonding with nature

Get up early in the morning around 5–6 o’clock, go out in open space and breath deeply. This will supply pure oxygen to your lungs.
Go to greener place where nature is in abundance at least once a week.
Walk barefoot in gardens, lawns, beaches etc.
Watch the colors of flowers, butterflies, fruits, vegetables.
Touch & feel the various parts of trees, plants
Smell various flowers, fruits and vegetables.
Sit under the shade of tree, climb the tree
Play with pet animals and watch other animals at zoo.
Feel the rain, watch the rain drops, smell the mud in first rain
Listen to bird chirping, buzzing bees, strong breeze rain.
Watch a baby crawling, laughing, making faces etc.

Treatments through vegetables, fruits and various herbs.

Eat various kinds of vegetables and fruit. They provide you with natural sugar, minerals, vitamins etc. they keep us healthy. We traditionally use various vegetables, fruits or herbs as home. For eg: we use tulsi honey for cough and cold. Pomegranate juice in fever. Drumstick boiled with little salt to do deworming and get rid of constipation. Beetroot and carrot juice to increase haemoglobin. Neem leaves crushed with jaggery/honey for purifying blood etc. this all helps to restore health and balance the body. It is not advisable to give medicines for such small problems which are usually self limiting.