Natural Food

Natural food is defined as food that need  little or no processing or a food which contain no addictives, a healthy food. Such food helps to maintain or improve health. It is important for the prevention of many chronic health risk such as obesity, heart disease, cancer etc. food which are low in fat and of cholesterol, but high in dietary fibers, fruits and vegetables are healthier and provide much more energy.

Feeding children healthy food can be frustrating experience. The best route for the parents is to provide a wide variety of wholesome foods and to encourage, but don’t force the children to try them. As an adult, you must not reinforce bad eating habits.

Choosing fresh and wholesome foods

Fresh fruits, vegetables and salads should form part of your daily diet and ideally fresh meat and fish should be used instead of packaged or frozen foods. Many of the process for preservation of the food like use of addictives, preservatives, freezing and canning may result in loss of nutrients.

Organically produced food should be eaten whenever possible as they are more healthy and nutritious.

The vision of the food eaten by humankind in prehistory is one of natural an healthy foods from a nutritional point of view. This diet is perceived as plant-based, high in vegetable protein, dietary fiber and anti oxidant and low in saturated fat. It is considered the characterized as bottled, canned, refined, preserved and frozen. The marketing of natural food actually refers to health issues. Natural foods are projected as guaranteeing a long healthy life since they are portrayed as food can prevent disease and aging. In this concept lies the belief that natural food are pure and free from harmful and wholesome components.