Juice Therapy
Fruits alone contain healing draught for man. Nature offers them ready made. They are sure to cure disease and ailments because fruits contain nectar and ambrosia(a highly nutritive aromatic food material). Clinically, lung function are associated with high intake of vitamin C,E and beta carotene, citrus fruit, apples and fruit juices.

Vegetables are not far behind as far as nutrition and curative properties are concerned. They are also packed with nutrients. They protect us from a number of disease. To derive maximum benefits, vegetables should be used fresh in raw form of juices of single or two-three vegetables.

Raw juices are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and sugars. They need no digestion and they are instantaneously absorbed. Juice therapy are beneficial for children as these therapy will increase the immunity power. This will  improve the skin complexion also.

Food of alkaline nature extract the toxic substances accumulated in the cells of the body and help in their  elimination. Alkaline foods are considered as purifying foods.  Diet rich in alkaline- foods are more necessary in sickness. Sickness in generally the result of acid accumulated in the body. A good supply of alkali foods neutralize and deactivates these acids.

Advantages of juice therapy

Regular consumption strengthen the body and prevent degeneration of skin, flesh glands and organs
They are readily available  and easy to digest and is good to maintain good health.
It contain number of nutrients that make them excellent dietary supplements.
It is a natural energy booster.