Hydrotherapy means treatment with water. Hydrotherapy is important for all the children. It particularly helps them with pain relief, balance and co-ordination, mobility, communication and promotion of independence whilst being a great source of fun too.

This therapy can be done to improve circulation and increase vitality so that the vital force can work more efficiently. Joints feel significantly lighter with the support of water. Then the resistance of water against the body facilitates strengthening of the muscles. The small group format for hydrotherapy is fun and allows the kids to meet other kids also.
Hydrotherapy helps the children to maintain and restore health. It is the most beneficial system for restoring normal functions in the body. It is employed to help balance metabolism. No other therapeutic agent possesses so many admirable qualities as does water. Being a universal solvent its use internally aids greatly in the elimination of waste products(auto-intoxication) which readily accumulate in the body under certain condition.

Physiological effect of hydrotherapy:-

Cold is stimulating and it cause superficial blood vessels to constrict, shunting the blood to internal organs. Hot water is relaxing, causes blood vessels to dilate, and removes waste from the body tissue. Alternating hot and cold water also improves elimination decrease inflammation and stimulates circulation.