Ayur Care Package:- Duration  1 ½ hours (90 minutes) Rs.1200 only

                                   Massage full body                                                 40  mins
                                   Head massage                                                      20 mins
                                   Brahmi dhara                                                         20 mins
                                   Ayurvedic Decoction (Drink) and relaxation           10 mins

Vanilla Dream Package:-Duration 1 ½  (90 minutes) Rs.1000 only

                                   Full Body Massage (vanilla +olive oil)                    40  mins
                                   Music therapy                                                        20  mins
                                   Pedi spa                                                                 30 mins


Chocolate Temptation Duration:- 1 ½  Rs.1000 only

                                   Chocolate scrub chocolate cream body massage  60  mins
                                   Hair spa                                                                 20 mins
                                   Health drink and relaxation                                   10 mins

Shaktiman Package for boys:- Duration:- 1 ½ hours Rs. 1500 only

                                   Yogic Massage.                                                      40 mins
                                   Padabhyanga                                                        20 mins
                                   Head massage                                                      20 mins
                                   Energizing  spa juice  and relaxation                     10 mins

Barbie  package for girls:-Duration 1 ½ hours  Rs. 1500 only

                                   Aroma oil massage                                                40 mins
                                   Air spa                                                                   20 mins
                                   Pedi spa                                                                 20 mins
                                   Refreshing Spa Juice and relaxation                      10 mins

Other facilities which make the Child Ayurveda Spa visit more enjoyable and memorable are

Swimming pool activity, Jacuzzi, whirl pool showers etc..
Music , Painting, making toys with mud, singing and Yoga
Brain development games and personality development session.
Juice therapies