Enhancing Spirituality

Human beings are blessed with ability to purify themselves and attain higher consciousness CAS (Child Ayurveda Spa) guide children to the path of timeless joy and peace
How can one enhance a child spiritual aspects?

This starts from the time you plan a baby. Every parent wants their child  to be honest, respect, elders well behaved, intellectual, more human, innocent, creative, courageous   etc…….. Pure touch child ayurveda spa (PTCAS)  helps to develop  these spiritual qualities in the child through various methods tried and tested since ancient time a modern angle.

Following are the methods which PTCAS apply to enhance children spiritual and holistic healing approach

  1. Chanting mantras

Various mantras  from vedas are chanted. Sanskrit mantra chanting improves the lingual skills also the vibrations caused during chanting are very effective in improving concentration and alertness

  1. Meditation/ Zen meditation

In children different meditation techniques are used to make it more fun and awareness session. This helps them to direct their mind inward to develop inner awareness.
Zen Meditation techniques health them to develop inner talk, self healing ability, unwind mind, positive attitude, humbleness ,well wisher of nature and improve their zest for life

  1. Relaxation Technique

In today’s  hectic life stress is inevitable. Even the children have their share of stress. To cope this our relaxation technique have been developed
PTCAS helps a child to relax through therapies like Reiki, Self healing,                  
Yoga and nidra etc……. Our aim is to make a child balanced (Physically and mentally and spiritually) in stressful conditions

  1. Art

Every child is an artist PTCAS focus on developing artistic side of children. PTCAS concept is based on learning, eating, breathing etc……. everything is an art. PTCAS offers artistic body, mind and soul to children. If we know life an art every moment in life become alive and happy.
Philosophy of PTCAS is Pure Touch and it is based on pure art. The packages are developed on various art forms like music, colors, craft, aromas, singing etc……
We offer 100%  result oriented therapies. Our aim is to make each and every student child physically, mentally and emotionally well with our  environment friendly packages.